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limit deal is august the 2nd. a court ruling in california may mean the end of "don't ask, don't tell." the federal court -- appeals court in san francisco issued an order saying the military can no longer enforce the policy that bans gays and lesbians were serving openly. congress had already voted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." the people we spoke to say they're glad the policy is ending. >> i personally feel that your sexuality has nothing to do with your capabilities of being able to fight in the military. so i think it's great. >> your sexuality has nothing to do with you being in the military, your decision to serve. so if you want to serve, and that's how you feel, then, hey, i'm all for it. >> a department of justice spokeswoman says they're reviewing the ruling and had no comment on whether the department would appeal the decision. well, we already have 76 degrees out there. tom, what kind of a day are we going to have today? more heat and humidity? >> yes, yes, and yes. yeah, indeed, we're going to
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have quite a bit of sun this morning. unlike yesterday with all the cloudiness in the morning, we're going to get the sun heating things up quickly. by this afternoon, we ought to get low in the mid 90s. right now though, enjoy, it's not too unpleasant. just rather humid. temperatures in the low and mid 70s. a mild morning, and we have a mostly clear sky, venus just now rising in the eastern sky. jupiter in the southern sky now. out of the mountains, it's a bit cooler. in fact a few locations have dipped into the upper 50s. in some of the highlands of west virginia. western maryland now, most locations in the 60s. around the bay, the eastern shore, the low 70s there. and over the last 12 hours we had quite a bit of storminess passing just south of washington yesterday afternoon and evening but that's now gone and replaced by a mostly clear sky throughout the mid-atlantic states. however, it's going to be a front that will eventually stall out over us later today into tonight and tomorrow. when that happens, we do have the possibility of some heavy downpours. tomorrow we could have some flooding problems. right now, though, no travel problems as you head off to work
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early on this thursday morning. the 7th day of july. there's the washington monument under a partly cloudy to clearing sky right now. the sunrise is at 5:50 this morning. it will be coming up in a mostly clear sky by 9:00 with bright sunshine. already around 80 or so. by noontime we'll be pushing 90 degrees. then we'll have clouds building as we get into the afternoon hours, and peaking in the mid 90s by mid afternoon. low to mid 90s for highs mid afternoon and steamy. then late afternoon looks like maybe around 5:00, 6:00 or so is when we could have some thunderstorms developing and then turning stormy tonight. and off and on on friday, too. we'll take a look at your night planner coming up in about ten minutes. let's check traffic for this thursday morning. hi, danella. >> good morning. well, careful on the beltway. i have a report of an accident, inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue. as you make your commute this morning just be aware of that. want to show you some live shots. let's go down to robinson terminal. so far you're clear there as we
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head over to the american legion bridge. you see cars making their commute but no accidents to report in this area. as we head down to the key bridge, looking good in virginia, as well. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. well this morning police need your help in finding a man who advanceallized a speed camera vehicle parked along the baltimore washington parkway. an incident that shut down part of the parkway for hours. police say the man walked out of a wooded area just north of the route 195 exit in anne arundel county yesterday morning. he was armed with a shotgun and a hammer. police say the man hit and shattered the vehicle's windshield and started yelling incoherently at the driver before walking back into the woods. the driver was shaken but wasn't injured. investigators are now looking for a man they describe as white, between the ages of 60 and 65, about 5'8", weighing about 150 pounds with gray hair. we're still waiting to hear from d.c. councilman harry thomas over some questionable charges on a debit card in the name of a nonprofit organization he runs.
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the washington city paper just published the charges from the card in the name of team thomas. the group is supposed to introduce underprivileged kids to sports. those charges were made between 2007 and 2009. they include, $143 charges at hooters. $278 at jimmy buffett's margaritaville in myrtle beach. nearly $600 at a hotel in little rock, arkansas. and $160 at a steak house in little rock. this comes on the heels of d.c. attorney general irv nathan's civil lawsuit which claims thomas used $300,000 in city money as a personal expense account. thomas denies the accusations but has stepped down as chairman of the economic development committee pending an invest gapgs. one of harry thomas' colleagues will face tough questions today. the d.c. board of elections and ethics is holding a hearing in the d.c. council chair's campaign finances. brown's campaign committee is accused of failing to report more than $100,000 in contributions and nearly $350,000 in expenditures. the ethics board confined brown
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over further matter to the u.s. attorney's office for possible criminal charges. there's a new warning this morning about potential terror attacks on airplanes. it says terror groups are going to greater lengths to beat airport security, including using surgically implanted bombs. kreg mehlman explains. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have intercepted intelligence from yemen indicating al qaeda terrorists may attempt to surgically implant explosives or explosive components to carry out a suicide attack. >> we see this as the evolution of how they can try to defeat us, to get around those layers of security that we have now. >> reporter: a cell phone could be used to set off a bomb that's been implanted. under another scenario the terrorist would inject a chemical detonator to a part of the body where the device had been implanted. transportation safety officials say the widely used and controversial full body scanners are not designed to detect devices under the skin. they're promising more pat-downs, more questioning of
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flyers, and more checks for traces of explosive chemicals. meanwhile, people returning to the d.c. area wednesday night from overseas had not heard of the newest threat and were not overly concerned when we told them about it. >> it's not that i'm okay, but i don't know what we can do every week. it's not like we can stop traveling and let us paralyze us in fear either. >> speaking as a physician, that sounds difficult. but, hey, who am i to argue with tsa? it seems unlikely, honestly. >> reporter: a former homeland security official admits carrying out such an attack would be tough. >> we don't know how the explosive would react in the body. how the impact would be affected because of the body. and you don't know what affect it would have on the individual of it being in the body. so there's not a whole lot of testing that you can do in advance. >> reporter: craig melvin, "news 4 today." new from overnight, montgomery county police are investigating just how a car crashed into a building. car slammed into the side of samantha's diner and bakery on
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university boulevard in wheaton. the car, which has alabama license plates, had to be flipped right side up and then towed away. one person was taken to the hospital. we do not have any information about that person's condition. to decision 2012 now. seven months away from the first republican primary and mitt romney is out to a huge lead in fund-raising. the former massachusetts governor is the run away leader in money raised with more than $18 million already banked. ron paul, tim pawlenty and jon huntsman are all right around $4 million raised apiece. michele bachmann has not revealed the amount of her contributions yet. and newt gingrich so far is in the red for 2012. the former house speaker is at least $1 million in debt as he tries to recover after a large chunk of his staff quit back in june. today we should learn whether montgomery county will open its first charter school. the county's board of education is scheduled to vote on two applications for charter schools. they open for the 2012-2013
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school year. one is for a montessori school for kids preschool to third grade. the other school would serve kindergarten through eighth grade. this morning, an about-face for d.c. mayor vine sent gray. he now says he supports plans to put a metro station above ground at dulles international airport. gray says this change comes after extensive talks with virginia governor bob mcdonald. he decided $300 billion was too expensive for an underground station. gray says the price tag would jeopardize the entire rail extension up to dulles. he's now urging the three d.c. members of the washington metropolitan airport authority to switch their votes to favor an above-ground station. it is now 4:38. 74 degrees out there. ahead on "news 4 today," the very close call for one nationals player because of a missed signal.
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good morning. everyone be quiet. it is 4:41 in the morning. >> shhh. >> beautiful picture out there. but be very quiet. 73 degrees already. you can see the haze. going to be a humid day. >> it is. and wondering if that means we're getting storms later today. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. >> indeed it does look like we're setting the stage for some storms but not until late afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow. right now, though, it's tranquil and pleasant and quiet and no
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travel problems weatherwise. we've got a mostly clear sky now. temperatures in the low and mid 70s. it's a mild and muggy morning. 74 now at reagan national. and there is the mostly clear sky now over the nation's capital. live picture from the city camera. our sunrise, 5:50 by 9:00, sunny and around 80. 90 by noontime and then clouds building during the afternoon. and we'll be in the low to mid 90s by midafternoon. late afternoon and into tonight, here's your night planner. this is when we could have some showers and passing thunderstorms. in fact, likely scattered showers and storms will be coming through from about 5:00 or 6:00 this afternoon, all the way until perhaps after midnight tonight. things, though, should settle down a little bit by this time tomorrow morning. cloudy and damp as we start off friday, and more showers and storms are likely tomorrow. we'll look at that along with our possibilities of flooding. a look at the weekend, as well. that will be at 4:51. danella, good morning, how's traffic? >> good morning, great news. earlier accident inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue
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is now clear. let's check some of your other roadways. so far it's a good commute. we start out at 270 you see those head lights coming towards us at 270 south but no significant traffic at this time. it's clear for you on 270 as we make our way to d.c. d.c. i'm checking your local roadways. this is at new york avenue and bladensburg road. virginia, 66 both inside and outside of the beltway, no major delays or incidents to report at this time. joe and eun, back to you. >> all right, thanks, danella. >> 4:43. still to come the national park on alert.
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welcome back at 4:45. tibet's spiritual leader is meeting with some top u.s. lawmakers today. the dalai lama is in town hosting an eleven-day prayer service at the verizon center. he's scheduled to meet with john boehner and nancy pelosi. the white house declined to comment on whether president obama will meet with his holiness. this morning attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn say that their client will not plead guilty to any charges. "the new york times" reports that attorneys and prosecutors -- his lawyers and prosecutors met yesterday but did not talk about a plea bargain in the sexual assault case. meanwhile the d.a. denied a request for a special prosecutor. attorneys for the hotel housekeeper at the center of the case made that request after phone conversations between their client and the district attorney's office were leaked to the immediate california. this morning the founder of pakistan's nuclear weapons program says north korea paid millions to senior pakistani military officials in exchange for nuclear technology. "the washington post" reports the kickbacks happened in 1998,
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and published a letter released by the pakistanis describing the secret deal. if it's true it could deepen the distrust between the united states and pakistan. one marine is dead and five others injured after their helicopter crashed out in california. the crash occurred yesterday after at camp pendleton, about 50 miles north of san diego. a spokesperson says the helicopter was in a remote mountainous area where the marines usually conduct training exercises. at least three marines were taken to the hospital, but there's no word on the seriousness of their injuries. one person is dead, another injured, after a grizzly bear attacked them at yellowstone national park. it happened yesterday morning as a husband and wife were hiking on the wapiti lake trail. park officials believe the couple may have accidentally scared the female bear and her cubs, which prompted the grizzly to attack. the bear charged, killing the man and injuring the woman. a spokesperson says according to the report, the bear acted normally defending her cubs and will not be killed. nasa's final space shuttle
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mission may have to be pushed back because of bad weather. but for the first time we're learning just how dangerous it is to witness a shuttle launch in person. nearly 1 million people are expected to be on hand for the final launch at kennedy space center tomorrow morning. "usa today" newspaper reports nasa's space shuttle launch is 100 times more dangerous to spectators than other u.s. rockets. those in the vip seats could be hit with falling wreckage, or shock waves if there were to be a launch explosion. right now, "atlantis" is on the launch pad, ready for scheduled takeoff. but there is a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms at cape canaveral. nasa hopes to catch a break, though, just in time for the launch. >> it could be pouring rain everywhere else in the county, and if we get that hole in the right spot at the right time we can go. so from that standpoint right now, i'm feeling pretty good about trying friday. has sa says it may call the launch earlier than usual to give astronauts time to get through the crowd. crews packed the shuttle with a year's worth of food and
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supplies for the international space station. it will be the final supply mission for the space shuttle program. the competitive nature journalism to get a story first could now get five british journalists arrested. the "times" newspaper is accused of hacking into the phone lines of families and soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. it comes as the paper's owner, news international, faces similar accusations. authorities say its tabloid, "news of the world" tapped in voicemails of families of murder victims. one case involved a teen abducted and killed in 2002. authorities say the tabloid deleted voicemail messages on her cell phone, which gave her family false hope. news international's owner rupert murdoch calls the new allegations unacceptable. preparations are under way for the royal couple's visit to california. they will land in los angeles tomorrow. they're only in l.a. for three days, though. the duke and duchess will attend a business event at the beverly hills hilton hotel. a charity polo match. and a job fair. the couple is taking extra
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measures to make sure that they have some privacy. they have legally secured paparazzi free zones. that means that if the photographers get too close, they will be arrested. meanwhile, the duke and duchess are wrapping up their visit to canada. at the last minute they decided to visit the heavily fire-damaged town of slave lake yesterday. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed by wildfires there in may. today the couple will spend some private time at an undisclosed location before heading to calgary this afternoon. today, roger clemens will return to court for day two of his perjury trial. the former cy young award winner is accused of lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs. he says his former train brian mcnamee lied to authorities when he says he injected steroids into clemens. there are some big names on the potential witness list, including barry bonds and mark mcgwire and clemens' manager and gm in new york, joe torre. the washington nationals aren't just one of the hottest teams in baseball, they're also
4:51 am
one of the most exciting. look at this. >> oh, my goodness! just glad everybody's okay. >> ramos missed the sign for a suicide squeeze last night, and swung away with teammate michael morse sprinting home from third base. fortunately, ramos fouled the ball back and missed morse, who was about ten feet away from the plate. here's the kicker. they tried it again, at the same at-bat and they were successful that time. ramos executed a nice bunt, and morse scored what turned out to be the game-winning run. the nats went on to beat the chicago cubs 5-4. >> he almost got scalped. so good thing it worked the second time. my goodness. >> worse than a baseball in the teeth. >> i know. could be bad. >> it could be bad. 4:51 now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. are we getting some rain? i think we need it now. >> yeah, yeah, some of us are getting out. some of the lawns are starting to get a little parched and we could use some. does look like a likelihood of
4:52 am
some rain coming in late this afternoon, tonight, and off and on tomorrow. so be prepared for that. right now, no travel problems weatherwise on this thursday morning. right now, we're in the low and mid 70s throughout most of the region. reagan national's now at 74. and weather watchers are reporting mostly clear sky off to our west and north. in fact, out in west virginia, much of western maryland, temperatures have dipped down into the 60s to even upper 50s in a few locations. and around the bay and on the eastern shore, they're in the low 70s, on this thursday morning. the 7th day of july. we still have the humidity with us. steam heat, look at all those storms we had in virginia yesterday afternoon and southern maryland. those headed out to sea. now, behind that, the sky is clearing out. we're settling down. but we're going to get a front, sort of coming up our way and then stalling out today, tonight, and tomorrow. as that happens, we have a chance for that storminess. right now, though, a settled pattern, a tranquil morning. that's a live picture from the city camera. sunrise at 5:50, in about an hour, and by 9:00 it will be
4:53 am
near 80. lots of sun this morning and early afternoon. by noontime it will be near 90, and then midafternoon, ought to be hitting the mid 90s. and then by late afternoon, got a frog in my throat, then we have a temperatures around 90 by mid to late afternoon. but late afternoon, into the evening hours is when we could get some very strong storms, in fact some heavy downpours are possible later tonight, into early tomorrow morning. predawn, though, things should settle down, and we still, though, may have creeks and streams running high from the overnight downpours. and looks like more on the way on friday and into friday night. looks like a wet day tomorrow. some morning downpours and afternoon evening heavy downpours friday into friday night. then saturday and sunday, thankfully, will be drying out for the weekend. a little less humid, too. highs near 90 with sunshine. sunny on monday, too, into the low 90s. and getting more humid on monday/tuesday. could get some storms tuesday. cooling down, drying out on wednesday. now danella, how's traffic?
4:54 am
>> well, i can tell you, happy friday eve, because traffic is looking great. i love saying friday eve on thursday. but let's check out a live look at some of our area roadways starting out in virginia. this is 95, prince william parkway. ki tell you 95 north and south in virginia, your lanes are clear. i am seeing some commuters heading up 95 north. but nothing significant. no delays at this time. and you're traveling at a good speed. checking out the beltway right now, this is in montgomery county at connecticut avenue. and you can see the beltway inner loop and outer loop in maryland. as well as virginia, smooth ride, no accidents to report for you, as we head down to 16th and i. this view right here is i on the corner of 16th street. this is northwest. i'm checking your local roadways and they are clear, as well. back to you, joe and eun. >> thanks, danella. friday eve. sugar plums dancing in my head. >> 4:54 now. coming up, which metro stations could be getting new names?
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a new iphone could be on the way. "the wall street journal" reports apple placed orders with key vendors for the next model of the popular smartphone. some suppliers say the iphone 5 could be thinner and lighter. they also say it will have an 8 mega pixel camera. another vendor says the company
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plans to sell about 25 million of these units by the end of this year. that means the new phone should be out during the third quarter. you can now skype with your friends on facebook. the founder of the social media network made the so-called awesome announcement. video chatting is not new, but introducing it into the social network realm could give it, and skype, a major boost. you can try it right now by going to this morning, metro's board of directors will get a detailed report on efforts to solve the escalator problems at a number of stations. the latest numbers show more than 100 to 588 escalators are not working. maintenance workers say they have found flip-flops and sandals stuck in escalators at foggy bottom, and spook board from one escalator monday at the dupont metro station. the committee will deliver its report to the board at 9:00 this morning. riders can see exactly which escalators are not working daily
4:59 am
online at the website also today, met re's board will hear suggestions for simpler station names. the transit agency wants names to reflect the areas where trains stop, including u-street card ozo african-american civil war memorial station. instead of all that it would be u-street cardoza. national mall might get added to it to make the station more familiar to occasional riders including tourists. changing station names would require 2600 new signs and 5,000 new maps. >> they could sell naming rights. the stadium does it. >> we heard about that, too. >> how confusing it would be if you were trying to get somewhere and it said joe krebs. >> or a certain hot dog street. >> nathan hot dog. >> where are you going? >> to maithens, then to m&t bank. >> stay with us.

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